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Site map and general information

The site consists of the following pages:
  • «Home» - this page contains general Information of the Publishing firm along with the navigation tabs (menu items) allowing access to the other pages of the web site,
  • «Published Books» - this page(s) lists already published books, which may prompt an interest of a foreign reader. You may view all of the books or select a subcategory, which will display the books already printed, sorted by their attribution to a certain group: «Photo Albums», «Russian History», «Orthodoxy» or «Others». See Working with sections.
  • «Contacts» - this page contains contact information for placing a book order or sending email, question or remark (to do so you must click an envelope picture or , and fill the message form on the Feedback page).
  • «Upcoming Publications» - books to be published soon are announced here .
  • «Info» - short information about our firm.
  • «Search» - you may obtain a list of books based on entered keywords. The search is executed through all book attributes: title, author, description, etc. See the page How to search on the site.
The pages may contain hyperlinks. The hyperlinks are not always clearly highlighted, but can be easily recognized, when mouse cursor, pointed on the text fragment or picture, changes to a hand , and the text gets underlined.

Site pages "Published Books" actively use Javascript, so the security settings of your browser must permit viewing active pages with JavaScript. Internet Explorer on the top of the page displays a special notification if page was not displayed properly.

The upper part of every site page includes the panoramic photo of Saint Petersburg. If you move mouse cursor onto a picture, you will see the floating prompt naming the place shown. In the bottom right corner you may see the number of page visits .

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