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Special functions

On the site pages, you can find some special functions (not evident) for page control:
  • Scroll New Books list on the page "Upcoming Publications". See below how to use this function.
  • Jumping between Russian and English pages (see below).
  • Viewing the examples of some pages.
  • Interpretation of the icon (see "Cart Usage").
Scroll New Books list

On the page "Upcoming Publications", to the right, you can see the column with covers of the latest published books. The column shows 4 books of the list. First of them are primary 4 books of the list but it is possible to scroll down and look through the later books. The down arrow (left from New picture) is the hyperlink, moving cursor to it you will see the prompt "Scrolling books down", and after click the list scrolls down 2 books. To scroll up the hyperlink "The latest publishing" used. When the cursor is over the label the prompt appears "Scrolling books to start", and after click the list scrols up 1 book. Clicking any book image moves you to the page with detailed information.
Jumps between Russian and English pages

For any book with English annotation there exists the same in Russian. Jumps between English and Russian are possible using hyperlinks with arrow and Russian flag (on English page) and arrow and USA flag (on Russian page).

View the examples of some pages

For some books, on the page with detailed information, you can view the illustrations of several pages. For those books, below the table with output data but before the text of annotation there is a line with pages' thumbnails: If you put cursor over the image the enlarged one appears with the proper caption.

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