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Working with Sections

To view the pages of «Published Books» sections correctly, the security settings of your browser must permit viewing active pages with JavaScript. (Click on the link of «Published Books» above to open a separate window; switch to this window and back while reading this help page.)

Each section page includes:
  • Left column, which contains a menu to jump to the other pages. Under the menu there is a field that allows to search books by a selected feature. Below are the pictures of the 2 latest publishing. The pictures are hyperlinks to the pages with detailed book information. These recently published books vary from section to section.
  • A total number of books in a given section displayed in parentheses to the right of the section title (see picture below). Under the title there are menu items (with red arrows) allowing to jump to subsections:
  • Subpage selector, labeled «Go to», is located under the title on the right. Each digit represents a subpage, which may be accessed by clicking on a given digit. Each subpage includes no more than 6 titles. The similar selector is also located at the bottom of the subpage.
  • Hyperlink «See selected books», under the line «Go to», leads to the page with selected books.
The section title and menu items are followed by short book descriptions (no more than 6 books per page). A book description looks as follows:

Book picture and book title are hyperlinks to jump to the page with detailed book information.
The text part of short information includes author name, book title, year of edition and several lines of text describing the book. To the right of the book title you see the icon (put into the cart). Mouse click on this icon places a book on the list of selected ones for purchase. The icon then changes its image to (already in the cart). If you see this icon on the page with the detailed information, it means that the book has already been placed into the cart before. It is impossible to place into the cart a previously selected book. See Cart usage.

If the icon looks like (not for sale), it means that the book is not available. If the page with book detailed information includes the icon "not for sale", then the description may or may not indicate the reason for its absence (all run had been sold, for example). But this only means that the book is not in stock, and it may be available for sale in bookstores or online.

The same book may be displayed in several sections.

The lower part of the page includes Publishing House address and link to send email.

"Liki Rossii", 17/8 Pirogova Lane, Saint Petersburg, 190000 Russia
Fax +7(812) 320-8788      E-mail:

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