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Book detailed information

Each book on the site has the page with the detailed information. You can jump to this page clicking the book cover image (it is presented either as latest published or in the section blocks with the short information about books).
The page with detailed information includes short contents of the book, publisher's imprint, price (if book is being bought in the Publishing House). See for example this book. (When reading the following text, switch to this window and back.)
The page has the following features:
  • The headline «PUBLISHED BOOKS» is a hyperlink to the general page with books already printed.
  • The icon above the cover plays the same role as on the section pages. Clicking the icon places a book on the list of selected ones for purchase. The icon then changes its image to (already in the cart). If you see this icon on the page with the detailed information, it means that the book has already been placed into the cart before. It is impossible to place into the cart previously selected book. See Cart usage. If the icon looks like (not for sale), it means that the book is not available. The description may or may not indicate the reason for its absence (all run had been sold, for example). But this only means that the book is not in stock, and it may be available for sale in bookstores or online.
  • English text with the book description may be not available. This means that the book was printed only in Russian, but may be interested for English readers (photo album, for example). At the bottom of the page, the hyperlink to Russian page is present, like this . Other hyperlinks may be present on the page. They are not always clearly highlighted, but you can recognize them when pointing the mouse cursor on the text fragment or picture (pointer icon changes to hand and the text gets underlined).
  • There is a brown ball at the bottom right corner of the page. .
    If you point to it by the mouse cursor, the number of page visits will be displayed .

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