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Cart Usage

On the web site pages you can see the icon (put into the cart). Clicking on it places a book on the list for purchase. The icon then changes its image to (already in the cart). If you see this icon on the page, it means that the the book has already been placed into the cart. It is impossible to place a previously selected book into the cart .

If the icon looks like this (not for sale), this means that the book is not available. The page with book detailed information that includes this icon "not for sale" may or may not indicate the reason for its absence (it has been sold out, for example). But this only means that the book is not in stock, and it may be available for sale in bookstores or elsewhere online. Sometimes instead of the cart icon you can see the icon . This means that the book may be published in the country outside Russia. In this case the contact information is provided.

Pages with book sections include the hyperlink «See selected books», to move to the page with selected books. On that page, the number in parenthesis shows how many books you placed into the cart. Below you will see the selected books in the form like on the pages with book sections. Near selected book title you can see the icon . If you click it, the book will be deleted from the list of purchase.

By clicking the hyperlink «Send email request» you move to the page with the form for sending your order by email. The email text includes all the books you put into the cart, and you can correct or add to the text of this message as you want (such as changing the quantity of books you want to purchase). The email can be sent after filling all fields and clicking the Send button at the bottom. See also Help item "How to order book(s)"

The contents of the cart with the selected books is stored while you are working with site pages. The cart contents is erased after you close your browser.

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