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How to search on the site

If you do not remember the exact author name, book title or other parameters of the book, you may run the search by the keywords that are in book title or contents. There are two possibilities to select books by the keywords:
  1. By making a selection according to the the chosen feature. The selection is made by using 3 attributes: title, author or year (click the underlined link to learn more).
  2. By jumping to the page SEARCH on the SITE through the menu item Search that exists on most of the pages of the site. The search is done over all the contents of the site, including book contents and Russian pages. Below you can read about how to specify keywords.
Before starting information retrieval, you must enter keywords in the field (above Find button). Keywords are separated by spaces. A keyword may be the entire word, as well as part of it. The keyword is not case sensitive. If no * symbol is used in the keyword, a search with the exact match will be used (with this word or with at least one word if multiple keywords are used). For example, nothing will be found for the keyword follow, but for the keyword following you will see the link to the page Contacts Info of I&P Firm Liki Rossii. Therefore, a search for exact matches has limited capabilities. A much more effective search should include the symbol * which substitutes for any number of arbitrary symbols. If you want to find all the books that concern Russia and Russian, enter keyword rus*. This keyword covers Russia, Russian, Russkie, etc. The keyword pla*s matches with «places», «plates», «plans», «plains» and so on. Entering 2 keywords: mosc* *burg lists the books where «Moscow» and «Saint Petersburg» are mentioned. Entered keywords may be anywhere: in book title, in text annotation, or author's name.

As a result, a numbered list of references (links) will be listed (underlined blue words). Clicking on the link moves you to the specified page.

See also Book selection by feature .

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