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Sending an order by email

There are 2 ways you can order books by email:
  1. By filling up the cart while navigating the site. The cart may be filled up from the section pages where blocks with brief information about books are listed, or from the pages with the detailed information about a book. Sending an order involves clicking on several links: «See selected books» (on any section page) – «Send email request» («Selected books» page) and the «Send» button on the page «Perform the order» (see the Help item "How to order books"). This way is preferable because the list of selected books is automatically formed as part of the email message.
  2. By sending a message directly to the marketing department from the page «Contact Info» (clicking the icon of envelope ), or from any other page where you see inscription with envelope (click on the envelope). This inscription is part of the address at the bottom of every page. In any case you will see the feedback page where by default «Book request» is set as the subject. Unlike the first way, here you must indicate the necessary books in the text of the message by yourself.
The marketing department, after processing your request, informs you about the payment sum, and the method of delivery. The usual procedure is as follows:
  • We inform you about final price (including delivery) and order of delivery (see page «Delivery and Payment Features »).
  • If you consent to buy book(s), we give you the banking details for a money transfer and you provide us with your exact mailing address for delivery. Bank drafts (checks) or credit cards, unfortunately, are not accepted.
  • After we receive the cash in our account, we immediately send the parcel with the book(s) to your address, and inform you of shipment.
If you visit Saint Petersburg as a tourist or you have friends in the city, it is possible to buy books directly in the Publishing House shop. The prices in the shop agree with the values presented on the page with detailed information for every book. You can find the shop location on this map fragment.

You can find information about the book stores in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, where you can buy the books of "Liki Rossii", on the page Where to buy books. You can also purchase some books on other websites.

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