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Book selection by the feature

On the pages with sections of books already printed, in the left column, you can see two fields (under the lines of menu) that allow to select book's group according to selected feature. (Click here to open a separate window with books already printed; while reading this help you can switch between this page and page with books to test some actions).

First, you should select the feature (criterion) to select group of books. To do so, click on the arrow of combo-box to get the list of 3 options: title, author(s), or year(s) of edition, and select one of them. Then, in the field below (above Show button), enter one or several keywords. Keyword may be an entire word as well as a part of it (input is case insensitive). Several keywords are separated by blanks. Unlike the function Search on the whole site you must not use * symbol. Keywords are always applied from the beginning of the title, author name, year. Search rules are the following:
  • For title and author features, search procedure looks for full coincidence of every keyword with the beginning of all words in title or list of authors. For example, specifying keywords sh Fa for author's search you will get the list of all books with author's names starting from «Sh» (like Shelaeva) and «Fa» (like Faberge). When you specify searching by the title with keyword «CAPI», the list of all books that contain words beginning from «capi» (like «capital») will be given out.
  • For search by year, you must specify the exact year (of 4 digits) or list of different years. In this case search with full coincidence with every keyword is done. For example, if you enter «2000 2005» as keywords, you will get the list of books issued in 2000 and in 2005. For keywords «98» or «05» nothing will be found.
For all cases, the listed books are sorted by the year of edition. The page with selected books looks like the page for any section with short information. In the headline of the page, the total number of selected books displayed (in parenthesis). Like for the section pages, the selected books can be put into the cart for purchase.
You can fulfill multiple selections satisfied to the different features. To use selection by features is more convenient sometimes than the results of common search. The first shows book covers with short description (and you can immediately jump to the page with detailed description), the latter shows only the title with some words that match keywords. But common search includes in the process the contents of detailed information that is not done at selection by the feature.

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