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Карта сайта и общая информация

The books of the "Liki Rossii" Publishing House can be found online and in several bookstores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg:

1. Bookstores of Saint Petersburg:
    «Dom Knigi», Nevsky av. 28,
    "Slovo",  Malaja Konjushennaja str. 9,
    "Knizshny Salon" Russian National Library,  Sadovaja str. 20 (Krylov House),
    "Kvilt",  Kamennoostrovsky av. 13,
    "Business Press",  Raz'ezshaja str. 39,

2. Bookstores of Moscow:
    «Dom Knigi»,  Novy Arbat str. 8,
    «Molodaja Gvardija»,   Bolshaja Poljanka str. 28, building 1,
    Bookstore "Moskva",   Tverskaja str. 8, building 1,
    «Biblio-Globus»,   Mjasnitskaja str. 6/3, building 1,
    "Russkoe Zarubezshje",  Nizshnjaja Radishchevskaja str. 2,

3. Being in St. Petersburg:
    You can go directly to the "Liki Rossii" shop, see its location on this map fragment.

See also Sending an order by email

"Liki Rossii", 17/8 Pirogova Lane, Saint Petersburg, 190000 Russia
Fax +7(812) 320-8788      E-mail:

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