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From feedback page you can send electronic message to order the books, tell about your remarks, suggestions and requests. This page may be called by clicking the envelope image or on the page «Contact Info» or at the bottom of any page where the address and phones are shown. On the feedback page you must fill the fields with your name, email address, and check the subject (addressee) of the message. The subject is usually set automatically depending on the place where you call the feedback page from. Nevertheless, you can change the subject (addressee) selecting other option from the combo-box list: «Editor-in-Chief», «Distribution Department», «PR & P Director», «Site Coordinator».

In the last lower field you can write the text of your message and click «Send».

If you want to send email request about books to purchase, using of cart for forming an order is more preferable, because in this case the list of selected books becomes automatically the part of the message.

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