Russia and Europe. Dynastic Ties.

Second Half of the 19th through the Beginning of the 20th Centuries

Author(s): G. Korneva, T. Cheboksarova
Language: English, Russian
Year of publishing: 2012 (English)
2010 (Russian)
ISBN: 978-5-87417-395-1 (Eng. 2012)
978-5-87417-321-0 (Rus. 2010)
Format: 220 х 290 mm
Pages: 364
Pictures: more than 500,
black & white
Cover: hardcover
Run: printed as needed
Price including VAT 10% (delivery not included): 1500 rub

The book includes fascinating stories of the life and tragic end of one of the most powerful and wealthy dynasties of the Romanovs (1613-1917) with more than 500 photographs collected from the main archives of Russia and European countries.

The vanished world of the Russian Imperial Family is still attractive in many of its aspects. Magnificent residences of the Romanovs, which were built by the best architects, and the extraordinary collections of fine arts they contained continue to attract authors and readers. For 80 years Russian archives, which could be compared with undiscovered treasure mines, were closed to a wide range of specialists around the world. Foreign archives in turn were not available to Russian researchers. The Russian and European authors worked in archives in Russia, Denmark, Germany, England, and the USA, identified previously unrecognized photographs contained in Russian resources and introduced them to the reader with extensive commentary on their origins.

The “language” of original photographs is sometimes able to tell more about the special world of royalty and the circle of nobility than pages of texts about the special world of royalty and the circle of nobility. The authors also used information from Russian and foreign periodicals, memoirs and special literature. Readers will find new and well-structured materials about the main events in the lives of the Romanovs and their relatives in Europe, the masters in all kinds of art who worked on commission of the sovereigns, the state and family visits of members of European dynasties and the prominent companies that started their businesses thanks to the support of rulers.

Two chapters are devoted to Germany and Denmark and their princesses who became Russian Empresses during this period. A few chapters are devoted to the descriptions of the two-way influences between Russia and Greece, Wuerttemberg, and Mecklenburg-Schwerin, countries where Russian Grand Duchesses lived as spouses of sovereigns. See also Russian edition of the book.

In 2013 the book was republished by Eurohistory Publishing House (CA, USA) and is available in by the name "Russia and Europe - Dynastic Ties" . New version of the book includes a lot of new illustrations.

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